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Bringing BETTER COFFEE to the Break Room



We can help if your coffee service prices have increased

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Welcome to Nordeast Coffee Company. We distribute the best coffees available at competitive prices to the Metro Areas of Minnesota. Try our fresh locally roasted blends, gourmet roasts, and name brand coffees. But if you prefer tea or other beverages, need snacks, equipment, or supplies for your office we have it!

We’ll turn your office break room into the place to be with our quality products and easy to use equipment. Plus make ordering easy by providing you everything you need, installation and delivery included.

Energizing and uniting your company can be as easy as updating the break room. Unite the staff, perk the morale and boost productivity with new, great coffee. Not to mention you’ll impress customers with great tasting beverages and a harmonious office environment. Schedule a consultation with us and he will personally evaluate your current set-up and give recommendations on how to upgrade within your budget. Also receive coffee samples of your choice to find your office favorites.

No Contracts!

127411No contracts to sign
Free use of commercial brewer system
Filtered water cooler rentals at reasonable rates
Free installation, maintenance and repairs of equipment

Free Samples!

127411Let us know what samples we can bring with us when we come to discuss your business needs!  Click here to send us your information so we have a better understanding of what you are looking for and what free samples you would like to try. Let’s meet over coffee!

Contact us!

127411Immediate response!
Delivery schedules to meet your needs
We repair all makes and models of brewers
Variety of payment methods

Why buy, when you can get it for FREE!

With Nordeast we will take care of the installation and the bill. With our free equipment rental and repair your worries will vanish!

Overall we want to make your life easier and your bill smaller. You may think you have the best deal out there but why not check. Set up a free consultation with us to see how you can make your office break room the place to be.

See how we can improve your company’s break room.

Find our coffee at the following Retail Locations


City Center Market Cambridge, MN


“I’ve relished our relationship with Al and Nordeast Coffee since we started with them, approximately 6 years ago.  People in our space enjoy the coffee and I appreciate the service when needed.  What I applaud most is that Nordeast values me as a customer.  While contacting various companies, many didn’t seem to want to do business with us because we weren’t going to be high enough volume. We’ve grown/our volume with Nordeast has grown, it’s been a win/win for both accounts.  Couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

– John Burns, WorkAround

Olympic Companies, Inc. - Minnetonka

“Al and his team have been in tune to our services. Not to be cliché, but they are reliable, friendly, have outstanding service, and I would recommend the great qualities of Nordeast Coffee Company to anybody!”

– Mary, Olympic Companies, Inc. – Minnetonka

Allstate Peterbilt of South St. Paul

“Nordeast Coffee provides exceptional products and customer service for our coffee and water cooler needs. Monthly ordering is easy while delivery is prompt and worry-free. The equipment is well maintained and Tim and Mike are quick to respond when service is needed. We provide complimentary coffee for our customers and they love the Nordeast Estate blend that we offer.”

– Rhonie Waldron, Allstate Peterbilt of South St. Paul

Galliard Capital Management, Inc.

“I’ve been with Al and his coffee service team as long as I have been married – and that’s been a long time! It’s been two very, very good marriages!”

– Sue, Galliard Capital Management, Inc.

Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union

Good Morning Al,
I thought you might want to know, one of our regular members came in today and had some coffee. His response was: “This is the best coffee I have ever had, if you have this every day, I might be here too often. This is like sipping on wine, it’s so good!”
Thank you for the great products, we really like it!

– Linda Wozniak, Affinity Plus Federal Creidt Union

Llewellyn Publishing

“Our employees are so excited about your coffee that you would have thought they all got a raise!”

– Cheryl, Llewellyn Publishing