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Butter, Cardamom, and Oatmeal? 3 Weird Things People Put In Their Coffee!

The beauty of a rich, perfect cup of coffee lies within the complexity of the brewing process. If you’re a true java lover, you take pride in the flavor notes that come through a pitch-black filled mug fresh poured straight out of the Chemex. Unfortunately, a lot of people like to add copious amounts of cream and sugar, therefore masking the taste of the actual blend and resulting in a shorter lifespan. That’s right, if your daily order includes the words ‘extra light and extra sweet’, you might as well just order a heart attack and call it a life.

In short, you have your true coffee lovers, your sugar lovers with a splash of coffee, and then, there are those who put things in their coffee that you wouldn’t even dream of adding. Take a look at three things some people add to their daily caffeine intake, and you might think twice before ordering that sugar overload, ever again.

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